My name is Dakota Galla, born and raised in Southwest Virginia. I've been around horses for as long as I can remember. These strong, gentle animals have taught me patience and resilience, traits that have made me who I am today. What I wish to do for my client is to capture the intimate moments between you and your horse. You know the ones, where they pass so quickly that no one hardly seems to notice, the true essence of your partnership. This is not only limited to you and your horse but also the connection you hold with the world around you, that glimmer in your eye.

Whether it is a portrait session with your horse, dog, loved one, or you want me to travel to a show/rodeo with you, I can do it all. I want to save these memorable moments so that you can value them for a lifetime. I look forward to working with new people and am eager to grow and learn all that I can from those around me, with that being said send me a message I would love to meet you and your best friend. :)


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